Bread Making Classes

My aim in providing bread making classes is to pass on what I have learned and practiced throughout years of baking artisan breads for my own shops in Cornwall.

The method and skills are readily transferred to the home or professional kitchen in order to achieve consistent results. If you have had a go at making bread in the past and received a leaden loaf for your efforts, that's probably down to a poor recipe not explaining a process in enough detail. It doesn't make you a rubbish baker. All you need is a pair of hands and a little understanding of the stages involved. As long as you have flour, yeast and water you can knock up a loaf in no time.

The classes are hands-on and you get to take home everything baked on the day. The price is inclusive of all ingredients, morning coffee, lunch and a folder of all the recipes covered with relevant notes.

I also offer a 'keep in touch' service afterwards, so if you get the wobbles trying a recipe and everything seems to have gone out of your head, you can call or email and I'll talk you through.

General Bread Making Class 10am - 4pm £110.00 inc VAT (@ 17.5%)

Class Gift vouchers are also available.

This class covers the basic method in making a loaf which can then be applied to other recipes to achieve consistent results.

Plain White, 100% Wholemeal, Flat Breads, Soda Bread and muffins. These form the core recipes from which you can go on to devise your own..

Personally tailored classes (ie sourdough, Italian breads etc.) can also be arranged for domestic or catering professionals.